Deewatch(tm) – very nice Swedish woman’s watches

Deewatch Women’s Watches are a mixture of Scandinavian style and South European expressiveness. The Women´s Watches suit all occasions, whether it be a nice event, coffee downtown or a business meeting. The dainty, feminine and stylish Women´s Watches are available in rosé gold and silver. With an extra Watchstrap in your handbag you can switch style in an instant, which means that you are always ready for both careers, parties or holidays.

Cozy (tm)

Mother’s Day Gifts!

Last Sunday in May is Mother’s Day in Sweden. Find your ideal Mother’s Day gift on Coolstuff! There are lots of fun and different gadgets that are perfect to give away on Mother’s Day. Want to get your Mother’s Day gift delivered directly to mom, simply enter her address as a shipping address at checkout.

100 ways to say Thank you!

There are hundreds ways to say Thank you! Here you will find a collection of some good ways to share your gratefulness to someone or even yourself! There are gift ideas, presents for all occasions, e.g. flowers and life experiences. All is available in Sweden. Be brave, do Thank you!

black and white chocolate


Spread the joy by sending chocolate! Chocolate is good for many occasions like birthday, love greeting, encouraging someone or to surprise and bring a joy to someone special. is offering an exclusive range of the most delicious chocolate varieties in different forms and flavors to suit everyone.