Beard trimmer with laser guide!

We found cool present idea for him – beard trimmer with laser guide by Philips! You can use the laser steering for precise, symmetrical trimming every time to get a perfect beard with Philips’s exclusive laser-controlled system. Follow the red light line to get a stylish, symmetrical trimming on both sides of the face. The stainless steel sheets… Read More

bouquet of fresh flowers, white and pink roses

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers is always a good idea! Give it personally or send it for a special occasion, to surprise or thank someone, or without any special reason! It is  also a good way to show your love.  You can send bouquet of beautiful flowers through to any location in Sweden or another 10 European countries.

golden watch Adriatica


What time is it? It is a time to remind yourself about someone who cares about you. The watch is a good gift idea for the long-term memory. You can also personalized it by engraving the message of your choice on the cover.

ATV jumping on the race road

ATV Drive

All-terrain vehicle (ATV) drive gives a memorable experience for novice and experienced. It is as easy as fun! Though, be careful at the turns. Would you recommend a good company, which provides ATV drive experience in Sweden, please let us know in Comments!