Deewatch(tm) – very nice Swedish woman’s watches

Deewatch Pure White

Deewatch Women’s Watches are a mixture of Scandinavian style and South European expressiveness. The Women´s Watches suit all occasions, whether it be a nice event, coffee downtown or a business meeting. The dainty, feminine and stylish Women´s Watches are available in rosé gold and silver. With an extra Watchstrap in your handbag you can switch style in an instant, which means that you are always ready for both careers, parties or holidays.

Click here to look further, choose among many models and buy on-line. The Deewatch page is available in Swedish, English and few other languages.

Deewatch is a Swedish brand whose Women’s Watches are of the highest quality in every detail. The design was developed over a number of years and got its present unique appearance after a trip through Europe where Deewatch designers got a taste for the exquisite fashions from Southern Europes different fashion centers and fashion houses. An idea was born to combine the Swedish classy quality texture with the beautiful, sophisticated and romantic expressions from brands such as Prada, Gucci and other haute couture fashion houses. The high standards and reliability of the Swedish Watches combined with the watchstraps carefully intertwined pearl combinations make Deewatch Women’s Watches unique creations that signals a sophisticated style consciousness out of the ordinary.

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Click here to look further, choose among many models and buy on-line.

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