Body flight in the wind turbine, indoor skydiving

Body Flight – flight in the wind tunnel

In Sweden’s first wind tunnel, the incredible feeling of a free fall awaits you, without having to jump from a plane. During the breathtaking 120 seconds, an instructor accompanies and provides guidance and support throughout the experience. Thanks to air currents of up to 200 km / h this experience is a must!

  • Unique experience – at least in Sweden!
  • Swirl freely in vertical wind tunnel
  • Theoretical review and personal instructor
  • Flight time equivalent to about 3 parachute jump from 4000 meters

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The experience Body Flight – indoor skydiving

Now it is possible to realize the dream and experience the feeling of flying freely in the air. Give away an unforgettable and unique experience that gives you the same beautiful pimples as a parachute – without having to escape an airplane.

The experience begins with check-in and theoretical review of the flight. A personal instructor will then be in the tunnel to assist during the flight. Flight time is 2 x 60 seconds, which corresponds to almost the same time as the free fall under 3 parachute jumps from 4000 meters.

This experience gives a guaranteed flavor, not least with the instructors who would like to offer spectacular acrobatics in the tunnel.

About the wind tunnel

The vertical wind tunnel is powered by fans so strong that they provide air currents of up to 200 km / h. It is enough for people up to 120 kg to float freely in the air. The wind speed is customized individually for each individual pilot, allowing anyone to fly regardless of skills or physical conditions. Thanks to the fact that certified instructors are available with every pilot in the tunnel, in principle everyone can experience the amazing sense of flying. And it without throwing himself out of an airplane.



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