off road on jeep

Off-road drive on Jeep

Here is an experience for those who want to learn basic principles and test what off road driving really means. Feel the power of the car on slippery climbs, sharp mountain slopes or try to find a balance on the tilting board.

  • Basic information of an instructor
  • Driving over obstacles
  • Running on the terrain and practicing what you learned

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Experience off-road terrain drive on Jeep

On a hilly obstacle course, you will learn the basics of off-road driving with Jeep. Before you get behind the wheel, get an in-depth instruction from an experienced instructor. Then you can do some preliminary exercises, so that you get to know Jeep before it’s time to drive the terrain. Linear barriers among others are made of logs to fit into the natural environment. In addition, the natural flaws of the terrain is exploited. Of course, the instructor is controlling what’s happening and coming quick  if you need help. Here you have the opportunity to test what you and Jeep are really can do!


Malmö , Österlen

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