Beard trimmer with laser guide!

We found cool present idea for him – beard trimmer with laser guide by Philips!

You can use the laser steering for precise, symmetrical trimming every time to get a perfect beard with Philips’s exclusive laser-controlled system. Follow the red light line to get a stylish, symmetrical trimming on both sides of the face. The stainless steel sheets are extra strong and double-sided for faster trimming. It means that they are made to last a very long time and cut through even the thickest beard growth. When trimming, they slip themselves by brushing easily against each other. So you get an exact and even cut – time after time.

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Features of the Beard trimmer with laser guide series 9000:

  • Trim in precise steps of 0.2 mm, from 0.4 mm to 7 mm
  • Precision trimmer for perfect edges and details
  • Lifts and puts the hairline in the optimal position for fast and even trimming
  • Cutting consistently also in thicker hair
  • Skin-friendly rounded edges prevent irritation
  • 80 minutes operating time after 1 hour of charge or you can connect the power cord
  • The LED display clearly shows your length setting
  • Check the status of your trimmer battery quickly
  • 100% waterproof for easy and thorough cleaning


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